There is a great deal of dialogue going on regarding the JFK conspiracy hypotheses, that there was a conspiracy in the United States to kill Leader Kennedy. The most prevalent theory says that Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooter, had help from the Cuban Cosca or at least some ALL OF US Mafia figures, perhaps even several American Mafia figures, to carry out this hit. This has been rejected by every one of the Warren Commission hearings into the harming. There have also been many ebooks written that dispute a few of these conspiracy ideas, but they also agree that there were many factors that written for the tragic death from the president.

Some persons feel that Lee Harvey Oswald was set up by the People in the usa and perhaps the CIA. Consider that for some reason the Cuban exile groupings were trying to take revenge for some previous US wars with Tanque. The theory is the fact perhaps the assassination was not a random react of physical violence, but they assume that it was taking place or at least designed in advance while using cooperation of the Mafia, maybe high level representatives of the CIA as well as perhaps the FBI or any other high-ranking US Govt official. People are saying that conceivably there was a cover-up following your truth and that in some manner, some excessive officials were involved in the noose removal from Lee Harvey Oswald’s body. There are those that believe that Cuban exile groupings had help from the US government to get rid of the noose from Oswald’s neck and somehow it was those same communities that helped stage the murder of President Kennedy.

It is also said that because of each of the conspiracy hypotheses surrounding the death in the president there must have been a large number of documents that contain information on the plot. The key reason why I ask is because we realize from various documents and audio tapes which were recorded following the event, that there were certainly conspiracy hypotheses going around at that moment. Additionally , we now know that there were many people in and out with the government that had info and also conspiracies going on at that moment. Many of these conspiracy theory theories still have not been completely examined or perhaps completely appreciated even by many people former administration officials themselves. Please consider this in 2021.

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